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tv   [untitled]    September 24, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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foundation that will crack and we dent know how far down it will sink. and i know that we have them and some out there that have all of these condos, and built, and in the land that you are talking about and have floating dock where the dock goes up and down with the tides and you will be able to get a transport in there so that you can find a cheap way of designing these storage buildings, and lasts for 25, 30 years. >> and brad just mentioned the spring structures which are or would be a warehouse shed but it does not have the walls, are fabric and then it uses a steal framing, and a concrete pad so that you can have covered storage, that is something that we are investigating for the area. >> but we are going to have to check it out and take a look.
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>> i will go with you commissioner murphy. >> okay. >> any other questions? >> i just want to thank you, for your presentation. and for coming to us in earlier stages to let us know what the opportunities and options you should and can consider. and thank you commissioner brandon for being willing to work with the staff as we explore what kind of opportunities that we have out there. and i do think that as i understand it, and everything was being explored. and what we would like in the maritime in some fashion and be it the good, and exported or imported. and i guess that it i am a little concerned about the storage for something that even is the spring structures for example, we will use the storage and that will be be related to a maritime use or
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fashion? >> maritime. >> so, the port's been reserving the back land as back lands for the maritime terminals for 30 or 40 years at this point. and so if you are right it is conceivable, that as this maritime terminal grows and becomes more robust, that the back lands itself will be needed to support those maritime opportunities, the improvement project that we are talking about has the benefit of improving the area and getting it so that it can be (inaudible) when put into use on a interim basis as she suggested and still be available for the development, when and if there is the market interest in making that investment. >> i would like to just add to it and i mean that we are trying to take these assets and
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i mean that this land or available land and through the port and we are trying to utilize these asset to leverage the maritime opportunities and one of the reasons why stockton has been so successful they got it from the island and thes a very large piece of land with great warehousing and rail infrastructure. and they have been able to lease out a lot of that space for steel distributers, for instance, and the pipe is one. and max is another that bring in the pipe off of the ship and store it right there at the port to distribute throughout the central valley and throughout california, no less. and we would like to do a similar thing and we are approaching the steel distributers to see if they would like to set up a distribution center for the bay area construction material and the bay area steel and in the distribution, and using the back lands and the western
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pacific site, and the storage that is there and we are having the conversations now and i will go back to omaha and the union pacific and this time for the first time included ports. to encourage the ports to come out and 45 ports, and the up represents, and we talked about, and we get a chance to meet and have a marketing day and meet with the various business units and we are able to for the rail and enough to be able to sell the ports. and they will be give us a chance to help us to get out there for the ak sets and one of the things that we used the back lands to try to leverage from getting one of the better for the transbay and transit city project and there is a lot of steel that had to come in for part that project and the company was going to bring in some of the steel from oregon and by water, and some of it by
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rail and from the rail yard from the east coast. and store it in the back lands, and we intended to lease about 3 acre and going to improve it and real, win/win, we could have brought in the steal in by waut and her rail and we could have stockpiled it and for the pro-yekt and there is little space downtown and another bid and another company did and that is the type of activity that we are trying to utilize here. and you know, we have talked to the conservation plan and the state project that is kind of being proposed. and there, and they are possibly using the port for the logistics hub as well and if it were to come to fruition and some of the ideas that we are out there trying to look at every way of leveling our assets to try to really ramp up the maritime business of the port and rail business. >> one other comment, is that it may be a little bit i guess, is that is there any free trade
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zone implications that we could employ here? i know that you are supposed to do something else. >> as a matter of fact there is. >> and that will be great. >> and we are trying to leverage the free trades as well and the foreign trade zone and i was at a foreign trade conference week and the national association, and the foreign trade program is talked about the commission has changed that has evolved and it is now become a virtual benefit and we are trying to utilize it to be able to, you know, again, talk to the folks like the london metal exchange or steel distributers who could bring in the steel at the port and, our foreign trade zone and we can create a site and as we will be able to defer the (inaudible) on that steel until it actually leaves for the final distribution. and if it is reexported to
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canada or mexico or another and do it altogether and we are trying to leverage the foreign trade zone as another asset and try to crop up and enhance the business as well. >> great. >> that with wonderful. >> and i also want to thank them for the industrial uses and just (inaudible) the nature of some of the work that they are doing out there, i think that as commissioner brandon pointed out for too long, much of that area has had uses that have increased here and contamination in the area and i appreciate that we are looking at ways, of you know, reversing that and being more environmentally sound in terms of repurposing the materials and recycling, and you know, i applaud those efforts and just want to highlight that and want to make sure that we do keep that in mind so we look for going up there and i know that there say lot of effort and we
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try to send out the work for the tesla for the needs for example, it is the electric vehicles and there are other electric vehicles and manufacturers in the area and that want to do more out reach on that front. since we are well suited for a port of you know, outgoing cargo for those uses as well. so, just mostly i want to thank you for making that a point and finally, a year ago we asked for the implications for the sea level rise to be included in the report that comes to us and so i know that this was a preliminary briefing. when something else is brought up to us we will have the discussion and outline the implication for the sea level rise. which i imagine will be
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problematic >> tony atkins wants to speak and coming to the port of san francisco on friday to take a tour of the port by water, and should we receive the whole water front by boat and the maritime and we want to point that out there to spoker atkins and comes out of san diego and it was funny, and last year, you know, she had really been to the port before. and and she represents the members in the port and i told her that we would like to work and she will be here and will be taking a tour of the port to get a better understanding of how the port work and think like that and i think that she will be a great asset for us and a big supporter of ports, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, everyone.
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and the next item? >> item 8 a, informational presentation on the status of the port's blue green way projects. >> good afternoon, commissioners david (inaudible) with the planning and development. the purpose of this presentation is to provide the commission in the community with an update on the status of the blue green ways. and to remind everyone that the blue green way is a project to complete the bay trail from the mission creek, to candle stick point. to it provide a little bit of contact, we have the entire water front open space system illustrated here and the policy of continuity sequence and a variety and character. and the blue green way again, is from mission creek all the way to the county lines off of
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the port property. here is a map that shows the entire blue green way mission to the county line sometimes it is hard to show what the blue green way is in this and the way thatvy been using is to compare it to the emerald necklace system of the parks in boston and what i have done is created a few diagrams to illustrate that concept. here we have the water in the land, and on the land, are the neighborhoods and the people. between the parks and sidewalks that connect the parks and the emeralds and the parks and the chain that holds the necklace
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together are again the pads and sidewalks. the green way is to recognize the existing maritime and industrial uses along it. and as mentioned in the previous report, trying to integrate and balance new open space to bid to
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reconstruct it. and then this past july, we got the review and the review design approval from the port's
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water front design, for the park which has a variety of programs, including a new launch for the human powered boating for the areas for the children to play and a multty purpose lawn and a restoration for the slick way four and a new 19th street extension that will provide a new and a entry to the park. and again, a shot of the improvements that we did along the mission bay, and the park shore line this was the previous shore line, and with the, and about 5.2, 3.2 million dollars of 2008 bonds and we completed the shore line and the improvement and it is opened up now until it is time for the mission bay project delivers the new park, which is anticipated to occur, just ahead of the future arena project. and i am getting close to the
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end here. and here is the blue, green way signage which is to proside a way in finding for the blue green way as early as friday and we will see the first to be signed to the third and cargo way, with the project completed by the end of october. there are ten locations from the mission street to the park that will provide this way finding and the identity system. and then, to the public, art, or through the blue, green way planning process, we identified a number of locations for the temporary and permanent art. and we have installed the 292 green fellows, and which have been a great success and the port has received a lot of accolades for and now working with the arts commission, and from the funds of the 2008 and 2005 bonds project and we are working on collecting an rf in
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collecting the concepts for the bay way project and the art commission did select the artist to prepare the concepts but those concepts were not well received by the community and so we are working with the arts commission to go back and refine the criteria and select the new concepts. and then, lastly, as you have asked us to talk about the impact of sea level rise, each of these improvements, have been designed with the projected sea level rise and so the different means of addressing the sea level rise is basically elevating the sites where we can or elevate in the case of the mission bay shore line project, and we elevated around 15 inches, and the same was taken for the bay view gateway and herran's head park was also built up to protect it from the sea level
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rise and so this illustration shows what the projections are. and we are having the flooding in the spring and it is projected to in 2050 and where we are at at 2050, and the little arrows show how the water gets to the location and as we move forward with the planning and design for each of the projects, we are taking into consideration the sea level rise. >> so the next steps is to work with the partner agencies including receipt gonal and local agencies on completing the glue green way as well as pursuing the grant opportunities where we can. and the blue green way, and then begin to advance the projects that are funded from the 2012 bonds and with that i am available for any questions, thank you. >> thank you. >> public comment?
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>> we have mike daily. hello, thank you for this wonderful meeting and thank you david, and my name is mike daily and i am retired from the structural steel industry and i was a construction manager and i lived in glen park for 35 years and nowadays i am over in this part of the city almost all of the time it is an exciting place, and my brief comment is this, recalling the crane, when that issue first came about, the intent was to clean up the creek in the area of spectacular muni facility adjacent to the shore line, of spectacular sf arts commission structure which spent, $800,000 on and it is world class and a beautiful job along the coast line according to the bcdc standards and the money was issued to the port a year and a half ago and $616,000 to clean up the water way and to clean
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up with this historic crane and since that time the city built its own labor landmark and so i don't know anybody who speaks about that crane. but i do know that everyone that i talk to wants that cleaned up. >> if we walk 12 blocks and stand and see it, there are about 250 feet long, collapsed dock and create the piles and, this is specifically mentioned in the grant, which came to you through california coastal. and in the documents that we saw tonight, on your page nine of the meeting, it says construct the crane and the business opportunities that you mentioned rebuild the crane and $616,000, that is how many money is in the grant and it cost the port or the city, 800,000 to do that and labor landmark, but most important to this in the scope of work is please, clean up the collapsed
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cargo dock. which has been there for many years and that was the intention of bcdc when this grant came to you. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> >> perhaps we could come up and just address the status of the clean up? >> my apologies that the description was not clear. the focus has been primarily on the copper crane but as a part of the grant, we do intend to clear as much of the dilapidated piles as we can, and so that is a part of the project and it is supposed to restore the crane, and in its original location, but also, to remove as many of the piles as we can using those grant funds, but we also have a desire to
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remove all of those dilapidated piles to improve the appearance of the creek. >> thank you. >> commissioners? woo ho? >> items? >> i don't have any specific questions, but i am just pleased to know that we are progressing with the blue green way and it is an important aspect of what we think in terms of the court's over all activities in addition to the all of the other ones that we see in the real estate and good to know that the visitor for the open space for the projects that we have and so i commend you for the continued progress and i know that a lot of it is the subject to the fact that we need to keep finding funds, and that we still have some from the park bonds, i guess that we have not spent yet and from the grant that was mentioned previously by the gentleman, and so it is great to hear the progress and keep going. >> commissioner? >> commissioner brandon? >> thank you, david. and this is one of my favorite
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projects i love the blue green way and the open space and you have done a phenomenal job. i just put in a mint in my mouth and i didn't know that it was going to be my turn to speak. i am happy to see that you incorporated the sea level rise in this presentation that was great. the signage, are the signs are going to be the same along the blue green way or just the port portion? >> so, the intent is for it to be the same along the entire blue green way as a part of delivering the project, the port could only spend the bond money on port, and the port project and so those ten signs are the first of the signs, we
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have spoken with both rec and park and the state parks recreation area and they have shown a willingness to also carry that sign and program through their properties, and additionally, and we have requested to have the mold of the sale element, and so that when they are ready to move forward with it, they can construct the sale elements as well. >> okay. >> who is going to be responsible for the maintenance of the open space? >> the port will continue to maintain the open spaces that are within our jurisdiction. >> commissioner? >> no, are you... >> commissioner brandon? >> i am going to accept the one thing. >> and i do remember, requesting to understand what we are going to do with the pilings in the southern water front to remove most of them and i know that it is probably somewhere on the forward calendar. >> i am sorry, we could get
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back to on that, already, i think that i apologize, we will do it again, i think that we did, did it by e-mail rather than an item but i will do it as an item. >> thank you. >> apologies. >> commissioner adams? >> no. >> i want to thank you, and this is also one of my favorite projects. and i am very excited to see it moving along. and a couple of questions what is the total acres of the various parks that will be along the blue green way. >> i don't know but that is a calculation that i can come up with and get back to you? would you like it for the entire green way or just the port's jurisdiction. >> just the port's jurisdiction. and then, among with it, what is the distance between what,
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and i know that we tried to keep a maximum distance. >> we tried to keep and we aimed for a 14-minute walk between the major open spaces which we based on the current blue, green way within the port's jurisdiction and even out we have that. >> okay. and then, in terms of the materials, it is used and i referred the high line a few times and again t was an article and it in the paper about the success of the high line recently. and were they any kind of variation of the materials along the bath way, or is it all just going to be asphalt? >> will have a variety of materials and i think that what is unique about the blue green way and it has been difficult for some people to grasp is going back to that idea of the emerald necklace where there are a series of